“I was blessed to have Noorah as a guest on my radio talk show, The ConsciousLiving Show, on Saturday May 8, 2010.  She was most delightful, enthusiastic and knowledgeable.  I enjoyed my time with her so much I have invited her back to the show in July as well as offer a Communications Workshop in my studio, the House of Yoga..  If you have a chance to spend time with Noorah, your life will be enriched in ways you must discover for yourself.” Nancy Sutton-Pierce. Redding, California

“My life has changed so much for the better since knowing Noorah. My thinking has turned towards the positive, the creative, towards spirit, God and unity with others. I love and accept myself now.”  Pat, Stockton, California

“I would recommend to anyone to go through the self discovery process with Noorah’s guidance and gain the internal peace and calm that comes from not just knowing how to live an aware life, but LIVING an aware life.”  Gina M., Stockton, California

“Noorah is a living master whose presence cheers me up. She is so intuitive and experienced that she can find the core of your issues correctly. She helps guide me with love, compassion and respect.”  Akeiko S. Kyoto, Japan

“What you did in the way of healing was different than anything else I have ever had. You are an amazing woman and you have an amazing amount of power in the way you work and I do have to say that I feel it is through you and your coaching that I had the conviction to change one of the most personally important decisions that I have ever had to make in my life. I am sure I would not have handled this so well or so strongly without your help.”  Andrew Saunders, Poole, UK

“Noorah Hansen is a Master Communicator who works with great compassion, skill and humor and has facilitated amazing courses that help people stand more powerfully in who they are, speak with great love and clarity, and deepen into more meaningful relationships. If you would like to feel more connected with your partner, experience more honest, loving communication with your child/parents, and be more authentic with your friends, this is an amazing opportunity to learn and practice.”   Kirsten, Uffington, England

“Thank you, Noorah, for the journey you have taken, the healing you have done, to enable you to offer what you do now and for being a trailblazer. From what I experienced you embody what you teach in a very human way”  Sarah, Oxford, England

“Noorah created the most safe, loving and supportive environment that allowed for leaps in my self-discovery. The tools I learned will be with me always”  Suzanne, Santa Fe, NM

“Taking this workshop was interesting and fun. Noorah is both knowledgeable and talented at imparting many useful tools and practices which make positive constructive change possible.”  Sarah, Oakland, CA

“I would highly recommend this workshop for anyone wishing to find more clarity and more purpose in their communication with themselves and with others. Noorah created a safe and nurturing setting. The exercises were informative and generated a lot of valuable self-reflection. I feel empowered, joyful and so grateful to have been part of the workshop, Experience Authentic Communcation.”  Allison, Santa Fe, NM