Dates to be announced

In this class we will be working with a different Ascended Master each week. We will discuss the qualities of the Master, receive a guided meditation to feel the distinct
energy, sit in silence to discover our connection. and receive clarity
on how to work with this Master for the week.


Noorah has consciously been working with the Ascended Masters since the early 80’s. She is devoted to introducing these beings to individuals and groups,
as requested by the Masters. She has given this tele-class
for over 10 years now in a 12-week series.


For more information contact Noorah by phone
at 530-261-4411 or 


“The class made the Masters more real to me and I started to feel their different energies. I rely on them now for healing energy to come thru me. I am a vessel for their love.” Linda Drake, Idaho.