Noorah Hansen facilitates Sacred Soul Circles for women and men world-wide. In addition to being an International Retreat Leader and Communications Coach she embodies the Presence of the Ascended Masters and creates ceremonial space for individuals and couples to lovingly experience and deepen the truth of who they are and step into their Authentic Self.

As a seminar and retreat leader Noorah encourages others to be clear and confident in their communications. Her seminars include Mastering  Communication, a Journey to the Heart, Ascended Masters’ Classes and Retreats and Awakening your Heart.  Aliveness and passion vibrate from Noorah to her clients as they resonate to a deep and powerful place within their own hearts.

Noorah was born to travel the world and circumnavigated Australia by vehicle, sailed in the French Polynesian Islands and created a walkabout in New Zealand to expand her global awareness and develop her intuition and expertise. She has been a wilderness guide for over 20 years and  leads annual wilderness retreats for women.  Noorah also brings meditative experiences from Machu Picchu in Peru and the Egyptian Pyramids into her deep exploratory gatherings.  Her favorite sites are in Mt. Shasta California Grand Tetons Wyoming, Kauai Hawaii, Glastonbury England and Austria 

Noorah currently lives in Mt. Shasta and is the owner of EarthSpirit Services.


“I admire Noorah’s strength, honesty, courage, groundedness, confidence, humility, and ingenuity. I know she loves me and that she values her relationship with me. I trust her completely to act from her wisest perspective. I love her outrageous sense of fun and playfulness, her quick wit and intelligence, her energy and dancy-ness, and her spirit of adventure. I appreciate her connection with nature.” Kathryn, Editor, Half Moon Bay, CA

“Noorah is direct and to the point. She speaks her truth in a way that is gentle and loving, yet firm and confident. Noorah’s compassionate heart enables her to empathize with others’ difficulties, and her mature and wise judgment helps her know and feel how to respond in a healing way”  Susan, Grants Pass, Oregon