Women’s Retreats



 August 9-10, 2017
Wednesday 9 am thru Thursday 9 pm


Join us to:
Experience guided meditations with the Ascended Masters
Hike on sacred treks to power spots on Mt. Shasta and in the surrounding area
Find clarity in expressing your world vision and have nature heal any concerns
Embody the power to co-create your life and access your full potential


Tuition: $555



Participants are responsible for meals, lodging
and own transportation to and from Mt. Shasta


Contact Noorah directly to register 530-261-4411



I know something very profound happened during the retreat. I have a settled feeling and one of clarity. I have finally invited something new into my life. Thanks again. You are so very talented.”  Janet, Ashland, Oregon

Thank you for an incredible retreat! I am so glad to have you as my teacher and guide. I know I’m living more fully because of you.”  Patricia, Stockton, California

What an incredible experience this has been. You are a fabulous teacher and soul opener. My heart and mind remain full.”  Maryann, Houston, Texas

New beginnings, balance, what a great way to sum up the retreat. And many times, it feels like you are my guardian Angel. Thank you for your guidance and all your love.”Tracey, Valley Springs, California

Thank you for your insight and ability to bring me out of my shell and to become the real me.”  Denise, Stockton, California



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