LOVE                  JOY                  WISDOM                  PURPOSE

Feel extraordinary LOVE for your Self and others

Awaken every day to your JOY and INSPIRATION

Access your WISDOM to share with the world

Know your PURPOSE and be clear about what you have come to GIVE.


In all of my work, my women’s retreats, coaching, seminars, and tele-classes, a bridge is created between you, your Presence, the Ascended Masters and the Universal Field of Love and Light.

These are the steps that build a powerful bridge for you to walk on….

1. How to talk to the mind: the power of conscious language

2. How to talk with others: deep listening and heartfelt communication

3. How to interact with your Higher Self: accessing your Divine Presence

4. How to interact with the Masters: listening and acting upon your Masterful Self

5. How to embody the Masters: living from the Source of Wisdom and Direction

The Ascended Masters are beings who have transcended physical form and now exist as a sustained frequency of light. These beings assist the human race in raising its vibration into higher realms of love, joy, wisdom and purpose.
Each Ascended Master offers unique and precious qualities that can be transmitted to, and embodied by, you. Ascended Master Consciousness is a state of awareness that knows mastery and the means to attaining it. The Masters are an available extension of your essence, and in calling on them, you are receiving a masterful part of yourself.




“Noorah, thank you for all you’ve done for me. I think back to where I was before your retreat and where I am now. I’m in the moment with a new positive direction and guidance from the Ascended Masters!  Everything that I asked you to help me with came to be and much more! Your help and treasured guidance was exactly what I needed – when I needed it”   Doris, Redding, California