Glastonbury, UK


Retreats in Glastonbury, England for Women and Men

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In our wisdom circles you will deepen into Knowing yourself so well that everyday is filled with confidence, love and purpose. You will Understand your bigger picture to enable you to implement your part of the Divine Plan. You will Align with your Presence, the Masters and Source consistently finding your Inner Strength during chaotic times. And you will learn to take Action from your core.

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“In Noorah’s retreat I reclaimed my personal power and learned how to turn negative into positives and I re-connected with my Divine Feminine.”  Anne Simpson, Poole, UK

“I came with no expectations and by the end of the retreat I felt I was a new person connected to my Higher Self. I was a new empowered woman.”  Sonia Elliott, Poole, UK

“Thank you so much, Noorah. I reached an altered space that I have not visited before. I felt so peaceful and so much love. Most of the day I felt the tears fall. Just lovely. Thank you. I have a conscious connection.”   Nene Lavender, Poole, UK

“Thank you, Noorah. I had such a profound experience and felt “coming home” into my heart in the meditation. I felt an opening and beautiful connection with Spirit. My body feels more relaxed and I am full of love and peace.”   Anya Butterworth, Bath, UK